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Las Vegas, Nevada - Hard Rock Hotel
January 5 - 10, 2001

Well, here I am on an a United Flight from Boston to Denver with Dave Russo sitting across the aisle from me - he keeps passing me these amazing nips of extinct Springbank as an early A2 introduction...  So in effect Ardbeggedon has begun in earnest for us.  Here is my drammage report for Day 1 enroute to apocalypse NOW:

1.  Springbank 100 Double Dark 50% 12 yo (several at the house o'Dave before leaving)
2.  Springbank 12 yo (straw colored older bottling)
3.  Springbank 15 yo
4.  Springbank 100 European Bottling 57% 12 yo (Scotland 2000 FOAF)
5.  Highland Park, 1977, 22 yo, 43%, Signatory
6.  Ardbeg Committee Dram - Cask No. 2392, 
7.  Bruichladdich 21 yo, 43%
8.  Campbeltown Malt, 1977, 56%, Cask E19, Society of Scotch Malt Whisky Connoisseurs

All in all - a fine way to fly!  The malts were never like this on any other United Flight I've experienced...  (I believe the stewardesses knew - but were afraid - very afraid...  Dave and I both had that look of hard-core pilgrims who were not to be denied.)

Upon our arrival in Las Vegas we made our way to the Hard Rock Hotel, checked into our rooms and contacted several of the other PLOWEDsters but by then it was nearly 1 am so we made plans for the next day.  A small group staying at the Hard Rock Hotel gathered and we sampled the following excellent "official" A2 drams:

9.  Clynelish, 1972, 22 yo, 58.9%, Rare Malts
10.  Port Ellen, 1976, 22 yo, 57%, Scott's Selection 

Note:  the Clynelish was an amazingly complex and wonderful malt.  Need to get more of this for the vaults!  

We ate a late meal at Mr. Lucky's around 2:30 am, and crashed at 3:30 am - a tremendous way to begin Ardbeggeddon 2 - yee har!

Here are the drammage reports for the rest of the clan gathering:

Saturday - January 6

Sunday - January 7

Monday - January 8

Tuesday - January 9

Wednesday - January 10

Daily Dramming Statistics 

The following spreadsheet is the pre-tasting summary - a new updated spreadsheet that will include all the "surprise" drams will be provided as soon as it's ready...

Spreadsheet of all the Drams Brought to A2

Good thing I transcribed all this - it would have been nearly impossible to remember otherwise...   ;-)

DrE's photos from A2

PLOWED photographs from A2

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