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Ardbeggeddon II - Wednesday January 10, 2001

Well, not much to report here for this day...  Dave and I flew back to Boston on the Red-Eye and managed to switch over to an earlier flight to Boston that we were not able to book earlier using my frequent flier miles.  We therefore only had about 45 minutes in Chicago instead of our scheduled +2.5 hour delay - where we had stockpiled a bunch of interesting A2 drams to pass the time.  So, we flew all night on the residual buzz obtained with MOK and Don in LV and decided we could not do any better and generally gave our liver a rest.

We arrived in Boston and amazingly our luggage made the flight with us - A2 even concluded humanely for us (ask me about my flight to and from Scotland in Aug/Sept 2000 if you want to hear some interesting United Airlines / British Midlands horror stories...

So all the way from LV to Boston without a single dram...

This had to be rectified...

I had already made plans to meet with my good friend Betsy for lunch in Cambridge before heading home to Maine later in the afternoon.  She whipped up an interesting mix of soup, bread, and cheese and she cracked open a new bottle of Bowmore Darkest to celebrate my survival - no - successful debauch - in single malt scotch whisky land once again.

...and no FWP in this bottling in case you were wondering...  down FX!  down!

A stellar dram and one of my long-time favorites - and a dram we did not have at A2...  a perfect balance of peat and sherry at a very affordable price...  I've had excellent luck introducing neophytes to Islay whiskys using this bottling, especially in the Pacific Northwest for some undetermined reason.

I'll post some excellent photos here in a week or so of Betsy learning how to drink cask-strength whisky and dissing Glen Rothes 1972 Limited Release as "wimp-whisky" from several of our recent tastings.  She HAD just finished tasting a range of very rare Ardbegs tho so we'll cut her a little slack on this minor faux-pas this time...

Glen Rothes...   wimp-whisky?

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Last updated on 1/20/01