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These are the upcoming professional tastings I know of.  The "professional" designation comes merely from the distinction that these are open to the public at a fee - a great way to taste a wide selection of great malts.  My approach is always to dress up for these events - I've found if you get a wee too close to the edge they definitely treat you a lot better if you do a face plant in a nice suit than in denim...  or so I've "heard"...

Scotch Malt Whisky Society - These tastings are held around the country and hosted by the very lively Alan Shayne - President of the North American branch of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.  The Society bottles single casks at cask strength and there are always a good selection of their current offerings at the tastings' as well as a selection of other distillery releases.  Unfortunately they do not sell at the tastings themselves, and bottles can only be obtained thru the regional representatives.  This is a mistake - I know that after I've tasted certain of their bottlings I would have certainly picked one up on the spot whereas ordering them is another story.  The old malt in the hand bit you know...   Oh, well - just saves me from another source of impulse FOAFing...   Oh, dress code strictly enforced for these events.  The other thing that bugs me a bit about these tastings is that the second half includes cigars...   They've never really interfered with my dramming but it's sometimes an annoyance, especially if they're hovering around a favorite dram.  Here is a listing of the upcoming SNWS tastings.... 

Follow this link to more info on these tastings...

WhiskyFest - These are the tastings sponsored by John Hansell and The Malt Advocate magazine in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco each year.  Great tastings with excellent speakers and a wide range of drams including a good selection of independent bottlers.  MAWS (Malt Advocate Whisky Society) members get into the main tasting hall early and attendees get a gift bag with a random selection of malt memorabilia...  I just wish it were held on a weekend since it's tough for me to get to either city mid-week...   but that's just my problem and hopefully not yours...


Whiskies of the World Expo - These are annual tastings held in San Francisco and Washington DC hosted by Riannon Walsh of Cloonaughill Celtic Malts.  Another huge affair with lots of great whisky, excellent food, top notch speakers and usually live celtic music.  Highly recommended!   And unlilke WhiskyFest - normally scheduled on a Saturday!  Dress up, have fun and stay as close to the tasting as you can afford. 

Whiskies of the World Expo

Scotch Whisky Tour - Atlas Liquor, Boston MA.   This tasting is an annual event hosted by Jeff Fine of Atlas Liquors at a local restaurant (Davios in the past I believe).  Usually have over 60 single malts, tasty appetizers, and a raffle.  A fun event that Sir Dave, Nano, and I usually try to make each year

Watch the Atlas website for more info

Whisky A-GoGo - Julio's Liquors, Westborough MA.  Annual February tasting/whisky sale in the store with well over 160 whiskys, bourbons, ryes, rums and most everything else available for tasting.  Range of awesome food nicely balances the terrific drams.  Free admission and 10 drink tabs per participant so check your list and check it twice.  We went for the first time in 2009 and had a great time and we're putting this one on our annual calendar!

Julio's Liquors

FEIS ILE 2002 - Islay, Scotland - May 25 thru June 1, 2002

This event totally rocked!  7 distilleries, 7 days of whisky festival...  PLOWED was in its element.

PLOWED reps from both the US and Europe participated in this week-long debauchery.  Here is some planning material from the US contingent...  I need to get the rest written up when I get my life back in order - Proud to be PLOWED!

Here is a PDF file of an article on FEIS ILE 2002 by Brian Palmer of the Ileach, published in Issue 25 of the Whisky Magazine and includes a reference to PLOWED on Islay.  (along the lines of the historic US egg and frying pan antidrug ad...   this is PLOWED, and this is PLOWED on Islay...)  I had to PDF this since I couldn't figure out how to set a link it on the WhiskyMag website:   www.whiskymag.com   I've posted this here under the rule that it's generally easier to ask for forgiveness than permission...   thanks!


Speyside Whisky Festival - Speyside, Scotland

Another enticing whisky venue similar to FEIS ILE except for a shorter duration and a larger geographic area.   They also host  spring and autumn sessions.  Opportunities to tour and taste in distilleries normally closed to the public, the infamous "Seven Stills Bus Tour", evening food and entertainment and of course, mountains of excellent single malt scotch whisky.  PLOWED hasn't participated in this event yet, but it's on our screen.  


Last update on 02/22/2009