Ardbeggeddon II - DrE's Daily Dramming Summary

Here is a summary of the number of malts I tasted each day at A2.  In the spirit of humbleness I've also included a synopsis of how I felt and what time I began dramming that next day.  Probably not very interesting to you but a real eye-opener for me...

Day # Drams Began Dramming Finished Dramming
Friday 13 2 pm est 3:30 am pst
Saturday 15 11 am 9 pm
Sunday 47 11 am 2:30 am
Monday 17 11 am 1:30 am
Tuesday 21 8:30 am 10:45 pm
Wednesday 1 2 pm est 2:30 pm est

A2 Only
99 drams
25 drams/day
2,000 ml
500 ml/day
~.66 bottles/day
A2 w/travel
114 drams
19 drams/day
2,280 ml
385 ml/day
~.51 bottles/day


  • # Drams - assume most drams average 25 ml - these also include the malts I returned to for seconds (or thirds) because they were awesome and I just had to!

  • Injury Level - using the MASS system, these are hangovers rated 1 to 5 (distracting to mind-numbing). ...removed this category because no hangovers at all during A2...

  • Casualty Level - These begin at the highest end of the hangover scale and are also rated 1 to 5 (I'll leave the descriptions to your imagination here in a lame attempt at politeness).  ...removed this category because no really BAD hangovers either during A2... at least for me....  ;-)   ....Shamooooooo....

  • Began Dramming - the time I started dramming that day.

  • Finished Dramming - the time I finished dramming that day.

Note:  I decided NOT to include the Wednesday dramming in the A2 summary statistics...  A2 really ended at 10:45 pm in Las Vegas for Dave and I...

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Last updated on 1/9/01