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Ardbeggeddon II - Monday January 8, 2001

Excellent!  Awoke at 7 am feeling fine - Vitamin B-1 rocks and does magic in assisting with the liver's metabolism of excessive amounts of alcohol.  I took ~3,000 mg in stages during the previous day's "dram your age" marathon and was rewarded handsomely.  If you occasionally drink to excess and haven't tried this trick you really should - it's a miracle drug in my opinion!

We gathered for breakfast at 10 am and began dramming again at 11 am once again.  Following my stunning victory - I eased into the day, telling various stories of my feat to those who crashed early assuming (as I did) that I would not make my insane goal of dramming my age in a single sitting.  Another life goal put to bed!  Next!

Here's the log from my leisurely dramming on Monday, the third full day of Ardbeggedon:

My roommate Bushido was one of the early casualties of the previous evening and upon waking and hearing of my success, rewarded me with a spectacular dram of:

1.  Black Bowmore, 1964, 29 yo, 50%  

My second and probably the last taste of Black Bowmore I'll ever have in my life...  yummmm - thanks again Bushido!  You're the man!  But, are you sure you don't have any 19th century Ardbeg hidden away in that bag somewhere?

I almost hated to have breakfast and disturb the amazing afterglow...  but I did anyway in the interest of my overarching survival instincts.  The rest of the day was spent basking in my glory and trying to fill in holes with those rare and tasty malts I missed the previous days:

2.  Glenlochy 1969, 25 yo, 62.08%, Rare Malts
3.  Highland Park 1974, 24 yo, 52.6%, scotch.com online tasting bottling
4.  Hillside 1969, 25 yo 61.9% Rare Malts
5.  St. Magdeline 1982, 12 yo, 63.8%, Rare Malts
6.  Rosebank 1989,. 9 yo, 40%, Connoisseur's Choice
7.  Coleburn 1978, 17 yo, 59.9%, Cadenhead's
8.  Glen Garioch 1968, 29 yo, Cask #618, 55.9%, Rare Malts?
9.  Lochside 5/81-2/00, 18 yo, refill sherry cask MM 9636, 46%, Murray McDavid (WOW!)
10.   Port Ellen 1982, 13 yo, 43%,  Hart Brothers
11.  Linkwood, 10/84-6/96, 11 yo, 59.5%, Glenhaven
12.  Aberlour Millenium Malt, 1989, 43%, Dunnage Matured

This malt triggered a good deal of discussion about what "dunnage matured" actually means...  we came to no firm agreement and need to do more research.   If you happen to know the answer please email let us know and we'll spread the good word to the other puzzled Plowsters.  You'll be our hero.

13.  Glenlivet, 4/73-8/95, 22 yo, 56%, Signatory
14.  Springbank 12 yo, 46%, Old Black Label (Repeat)
15.  Glen Grant Millenium Malt, 1964, 36 yo, 52.6%, Cadenhead's (WOW, FIND MORE!!!)
16.  Linkwood 12 yo, 43.4%, (older distillery bottling in 6-sided box - yummm!)
17.  Springbank, 1967 Sherrywood, 32 yo, Cadenhead's Chairman's Stock (Repeat)

This took us up to about 1:30 am and we decided to call it a successful night.  You'll notice that the repeat drams are starting to show up in my listing.  As folks began leaving, bottles began vanishing with them.  Still the hard-core Plowsters were hanging on...  Tomorrow is the last day for Sir Dave and I in Las Vegas this trip.

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