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The Northern New England Chapter of the PLOWED Society

Sir Dave (of the Local Barley) and I decided to "formally" establish a Northern  New England Chapter of the PLOWED Society in April 2002 to rebuild the base of malt enthusiasts sequestered away in the upper right corner of the United States.  This tasting group will be organized in the same manner as the Malt Addict Sipping Society (MASS) - a group formed in the late 1990s in the Portland Maine area.

I've established a members-only Yahoo Group to manage the task of organizing tastings at:


If you live in New England and are interested in gathering with an eclectic mix of single malt whisky fanatics from time to time to taste a wee bit of the water of life, simply go to that site and apply to join the group.  I've started this group with a bit of restrictions on joining so I'll have to approve your membership before you can get to the postings and other material on the site (only set it up on April 29, 2002 so not much material there yet).  Please include a note about your interest and any past experience with hosting or attending private tastings when you apply for membership (fee-free, no organizational structure, few rules...  see MASS for more info).

The "official" PLOWED website is located at:


and I have "my interpretation" of the PLOWED lifestyle here on DrE's House of Chaotic Dramming Techniques in several locations - see Ardbeggeddon, the Whisky Hill Dram Jam, and my "issues" page.  Here's what dictionary.com has to say about PLOWED...

Alternatively, you can send an email to DrEntropy (at) SMWhisky.com and explain your interest in whisky and why you'd like to join us and I'll send you a "pre-approved" invitation to join the group.  We hold our tastings at the homes of members so we are particularly interested in finding new members with the space to host these affairs.  The rules of engagement are currently posted on the MASS site and I'll migrate them over to these pages as time allows.

We're currently planning our first tasting for sometime late Fall 2002 in Portland, Maine.  We'll be dramming some of the gems we FOAFed in Scotland during PLOWED's involvement in Feis Ile this year but we haven't determined the theme for this tasting yet.   Well - it's now October and we never held this first tasting...   still recovering from Scotland and many other earthshaking experiences... Maybe in the spring - hopefully in my new house!


First "Official" PLOWED-NNE Tasting - Oct 2, 2002 at Mike and Sheila's 


Here are some official source material for PLOWED-NNE to serve for now as an operational manual for the group.    There WILL be a test...

Malts-L Whisky Haikus from CelticMalts.com - compiled by Lex Kraaijeveld (malt whisky scholar and explorer extraordinaire!)

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Last update on 8/25/02