The PLOWED Society

The "original" deconstruction of the PLOWED acronym is:

People Lucid Only While Enjoying Dalwhinnie

Well, there's been a lot of discussion about this lately and a range of alternatives have been suggested for consideration:

People Lucid Only When Entirely Drammed

People Lipping Only Wildly Expensive Drams

People Logging On While Enjoying Drams

Pawkie Lads Overwhelmed With Exceptional Drammage.

Plentiful Libations Ontologically Worthwhile Engaged Dialectically

Please Lip Only Well Experienced Drams

Professionally Licensed Official Whisky Education Department

Please -- Let's Open Whiskies Every Day

Passionate Lovers of Whisky Ever Dramming

PLOWEDsters Like Octomore's Wicked Ester Dominance

Proud Lippers Of Whisky Elevate Dramming

Pets Lapping Our Whisky Evidently Drunk

People Looking Our Way Expect Drunks

Proudly Loving Our Whisky Every Day

Persnickety Lushes! Our Wives' Exclamatory Declaration


Who knows where this one will go?  Matt is currently cycling these titles on the "official" PLOWED website so I guess they all apply to some degree or another.


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last update on 5/14/02