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Ardbeggeddon III - Monday January 14, 2002
Final Day...

Well, sadly Ardbeggeddon was moving towards the inevitable conclusion - similar to when a favorite malt begins to "collapse in the bottle".   A sad event for sure, but redolent with warm, wonderful memories.  The only thing that made sense at this point was to spend some time looking for missed gems and revisiting the more stellar drams - and of course killing off any near-dead soldiers, as appropriate.

We convened the final full day around mid-morning in S'tan's lair and for my skalk I chose:

  1. Tomintoul 26 yo, Cask 2966, 53.6%, Adelphi

We immediately began grumbling about whether it was physically possible for  Adelphi to print the labels any smaller. As is usually the case, those of us with glasses had to try to read the label without them and even those with "good eyesight" read the label from a distance of less than an inch.   ok, so we're probably just an old grumpy group of seriously drammaged goods....

  1. Glenmorangie 1972, 46% Single Barrel OB Vintage (thanks FoaF!)

  2. Port Ellen 15 yo, 8/80 - 3/96, 62.3%

  3. Springbank 15 yo, 12/79-10/95, 46%

  4. Bowmore 17 yo, 5/83-7/00, 50%, OMC

  5. Glendronach 1968 43% OB

  6. Springbank 21 yo, 1972, 46%, OB

  7. Glenrothes 20 yo, 55.6% - WOW, tremendous dram (who the heck bottled this one - need to review the list of malts since I didn't write this down...)

  8. Old Pulteney Single Cask, 15 yo, 12/9/82

  9. Port Ellen 23 yo, 11/77-5/01, 50% OMC

  10. Longrow 12 yo, 1987-1999, 45%, Samorelli Bottling (thanks again John!)

  11. Mortlach Sherry Cask, 10 yo, 10/89-9/00, 59.5%, Blackadder

  12. Caol Ila 19 yo,1974, 61.1%

  13. Brora18 yo, 3/28/83-5/28/01, Cask 495, Bottle 107/372, 43%

  14. Glenturret 20 yo, 1080-2000, 52.8%, Blackadder

  15. Lagavulin 14 yo, 12/84-2/99, Cask 3256, 46%, Murray McDavid

  16. Fettercairn 10 yo, 11/85-6/96, 63.1%, Glenhaven (Really good - need to find more of this...  good luck!  these old GHs are few and far between...)

  17. Clynelish 11 yo, 9/26/89-12/00, Cask 6087, 60.8%, Blackadder

  18. Port Ellen 22 yo, 1976, 57%, Scott's Selection

  19. Springbank 19 yo, 5/78-9/97, MM2397, 46%, Murray McDavid

  20. Caol Ila LE Centenary Bottling, 2/89-3/00, 11 yo, 57.1%, The Whisky Castle

  21. Ardmore 18 yo, 3/77-4/95, 59.3%, Glenhaven (another peaty rarity...)

That was it, Ardbeggeddon was over - both finished for now and over the top.

PLOWED Rocks and Ardbeggeddon Rules!

List of "known" post A3 sub-tastings

  • A3.1 - Loco Barley's, January 2002


Some notable Quotes from the forth and final day of A3:

S'tan's already planning A3.1 - I guess you can't get hung up in the here and now (either FX or Usigetom...  notes are unclear...  actually handwriting is atrocious for only my second dram of the day!).

Beef Newtons (Usigetom's idea of a manly dessert)

...that was a classic drive-by FOAF...  (the one that didn't get away)

Double-hulled Malt Tanker - forward in all directions!  (not sure what this was all about but folks REALLY liked it - ab out 12 drams into the day...)

I've posted the photos from Monday here

Tuesday, January 15, Skalk back to reality....

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last updated on 2/23/02