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Ardbeggeddon III - Tuesday January 15, 2002

We got up and packed first thing in the morning - after our skalk of course, mine was the 

30 yo Springbank Limited Edition

We checked out of the Rio and headed over to the Vegas airport wondering if we'd have trouble with our malt booty.  It was a mix of sealed and opened/partially full bottles.  We decided to check all the open bottles and hand carry the more expensive sealed bottles.  We once again used electrical tape to seal the open bottles and I only had a tiny bit of leakage - even in the baggage compartment.  No problems at all.

Loco and I left on a noon flight to Boston and it was a very quiet flight - neither of us drank a drop - we were happily "plowed" and the airline liquor was of no interest to either of us.  Dave read and I worked on the website and tasting list.

We arrived on time in Boston and was back at Loco's by 11 pm.  We immediately poured a couple of hefty drams of Moidart and toasted Ardbeggeddon 3 a total success.  We ran back through the Bruichladdich and Laphroaig we had opened before we left and crashed around 2 am.

I slept until noon the next day and left Boston early afternoon.  

My morning skalk was of course The Ardbeggeddon!

I skipped FOAFing Boston and New Hampshire and headed straight home.  

Upon arrival I finished the trip with a final dram of the Ardbeggeddon with Sister Haggis.  We both declared the dram an amazingly complex peaty gem, and muttered with regret about why we didn't buy more...  next time!

Hearty thanks once again to The Ardbeggeddon Committee!   Excellent Dram!


See ya'll next year - slainte mhath!

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last updated on 5/12/02