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Ardbeggeddon III - Friday January 11, 2002

We started the day with a morning skalk of:

  1. Springbank 100 Double Dark

We packed and had a final dram before heading to Las Vegas.

  1. Tomatin, 19 yo, 57%, 9/77, Glenhaven

We arrived in Las Vegas after a 5 hour drive over the mountains from LA, getting to the hotel around 5 pm.  While hauling our first load of luggage to the elevators we ran into Bushido who told us they were just convening in S'tan's room.  We dumped our luggage, dug out a selection of malts and headed right over.   After the ritual transfer of the Ardbeggeddons, the dramming continued...   as expected, S'tan, Ulf, Matt, Bushido, and Mark all had drams poured when we arrived.  Mark looked the table over and observed 

"It's good to see we've put the Ardbeg back into Ardbeggeddon".  

We reviewed their selections so far, picked thru the pile of malts on the table and I decided that the right thing was to launch into the Ardbegs:

  1. The Ardbeggeddon

    We of course started with The Ardbeggeddon. It was well received by all on the initial tasting and the bottling venture was deemed a thorough success!  I'll try to get some others to add their Ardbeggeddon tasting notes here or I'll simply FOAF them off the PLOWED email stream and post them here as acquired..

  2. Ardbeg, 20 yo, 1974/1996 (actually 22 yo), 40%, CC

    This is a great Ardbeg - would have been amazing if they bottled at a higher proof though.  Classic ardbeg creosote palate.  Find more...

  3. Ardbeg, 27 yo, 3/73-8/00, 50%, OMC

  4. Ardbeg, 18 yo, 7/74-8/92, 54.9%, CH 150th anniversary bottling

  5. Ardbeg, 22 yo, 1978, CC

  6. Ardbeg, 8 yo, 3/19/92-3/28/00, Casks 416-417, Sig 2000 Millenium

  7. Longrow, 16 yo, 1974, 46% OB

  8. Ardbeg, 25 yo, 10/75-9/01, 58%, Sherry butt, Milroys

  9. Lord of the Isles (Ardbeg), 25 yo, 46%

  10. Glen Grant 25 yo, 1953, 43%, OB

  11. Glen Grant 32 yo, Cask 2394, 53.9%, Adelphi

  12. Ardbeg, 10/75-5/01, 50%, OMC

  13. Springbank, 24 yo, 1967, 46%, OB

  14. Bunnahabhain, 35 yo, 43.2%, Hart Bros.

  15. Brora, 1978, 56.9%, Spirit of Scotland (G&M)

Some of the better quotes from this day follow:

"After a dozen whiskys, it's hard to masturbate your adjectives."

"This dram reeks of gym socks, but not in a bad way..."

"You can help yourself to any whisky in the room but you have to ask for the water..."

"...Sherpa Dave, the Ardbeg mule..."

"If you're going to pour that dram down the sink pour it down me!"

"By the end of this weekend you'll be 'Bored of the Isles'"

"It's an Ardbeggeddon slap-down!"

I also learned today that PLOWED actually stands for "People Lucid Only While Enjoying Dalwhinnie" - who would have guessed?  

Dave and I decided on the flight home that this acronym should be generalized as:

"People Lucid Only While Enjoying Drams"

Just a suggestion....  another suggestions during A3 was:

"People Lucid Only When Entirely Drammaged"

FX also came up with another suggestion but I can't remember it - I need to search through my old emails to find it...  he's the official PLOWED Poet so I'm sure it's better than either of these... 

Here are photos from the Day 1 dramming sessions

It was a great day!  We shut down Day 1 at around 3 am.

Saturday, January 12 - Day 2

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last updated on 2/23/2002