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Ardbeggeddon III - Saturday January 12, 2002

We started the day with a skalk and met for breakfast.  We reconvened at noon and met Tom Borschel who had just arrived.  My skalk for this day was:

  1. The Glenturret High Proof, 15 yo, 50%

Great dram to start the day off with...  thanks again Tom!

It was time to FOAF Las Vegas.  MOK, FoaF, Michael, Alan, Tom and I headed out to ransack the local malt stocks.

We didn't find any Springers (other than a few 21s priced between $140 - $150) but we did stumble across a pile of excellent Glenhavens and some older dumpy Cadenheads.  We didn't FOAF the entire town and returned to begin dramming again around 4 pm.  I dove directly into the wealth of Springers...

  1. Springbank Limited Edition 30 yo, 46%, OB

  2. Springbank Limited Edition 35 yo, OB 

  3. Springbank 19 yo, 1978, 46%, MM2397, Murray McDavid

  4. Springbank 29 yo, 1965, 46%, OB

At this point in the evening we replaced a failed cork on one of S'tan's Springers with a cork from Bushido's Cadenhead Ardbeg we had just killed and Bushido noted we had in effect created an Islay-corked Springer...   The ramifications of this sunk in immediately and we feared we may have just unleashed a new troubling trend in the whisky industry...   predicting it wouldn't be long before we found an Islay-corked Balvenie being released...   sorry to all the overwhelmed collectors in the world...  we really didn't mean to unleash this genie! 

  1. Springbank, 10 yo Demerra Casked, 1989, 46%, OB

This was a very interesting and rare dram not released in the US that was brought to the tasting by Ulf.  Thanks again for bringing this rum-casked springer!

  1. Springbank, 17 yo, 1975, 55.8%, Whyte and Whyte

  2. Longrow, 9 yo, 57.2%, 1992, Cadenhead

  3. Glengoyne Chairman's Stock, 26 yo, 1969, 62.2%  OB

  4. Dailuaine, 18 yo, 7/65-3/84, 46%, Dumpy Cadenhead

  5. Dailuaine, 21 yo, 56.1%, Adelphi

  6. Glencadam, 15 yo, 43%, OB

  7. Bowmore 17 yo, 43% (200 ml 5-pack), OB

  8. Bowmore 21 yo, 43% (200 ml 5-pack), OB

  9. Bowmore 25 yo, 43% (200 ml 5-pack), OB

  10. Bowmore Special Reserve, 31 yo, 1957, 40%,  Hart Brothers

  11. Bowmore 15 yo, 6/81-6/96, 57.7%, Glenhaven

  12. Port Ellen Limited Edition, 22 yo, 1979, 56.2%

  13. Caol Ila 19 yo, 1974, 61.1%, Whyte and Whyte

  14. Highland Park Bicentennial, 1977, 43%, OB

  15. Glen Grant 16 yo, 1980, 58%

  16. PLOWED Springbank, 32 yo, 1972, 48.5%, Murray McDavid

  17. Springbank Local Barley, 1965, 51.3%, OB

It was now 3:30 am and time to crash.  FX and I tried to use my laptop to tape the amazing chorus of FoaF and MOK snoring in synch but were unsuccessful...  we'll bring a microphone next year...   Here's a photo of this unsuccessful documentation attempt.

Some notable Quotes from the second full day of A3:

"I'm wound up like the energizer bunny and ready to dram."  T. Borschel

"So many whiskys...  only one liver..."

"Your drinking style is totally hedonistic"

"I never drink like this at home"

"Free-style dramming (ala PLOWED style)"

"Those Ardbegs are ok..."

"He'd never stab me in the back but he'd drink my best whisky if I wasn't looking - not that I'd care mind you"

That's about it - a slow day for quotes, I suspect we were too busy dramming to free associate - either that or I didn't write them down....

PLOWED-themed URLs we cooked up while dramming this day...  register these fast!  They won't last..


Damn, we were under his influence...

Here are the unprocessed photos from Saturday.  I'll clean them up and add captions later.

Sunday, January 13 - Day 3

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