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Maine-MASS (The Malt Addict Sipping Society)

The Malt Addict Sipping Society is an informal group of nerds and geeks originating in Northern New England who gather periodically to share and sample a bit of the Water of Life. We held
our ninth tasting on April 10, 1999 in Scarboro, Maine and it was another brutal and
victim-strewn affair, as often happens when engineers and computer programmers aim
for the edge. Click on a link below for more information on the injury and casualty
counts for any given event -- there's sometimes even a little interesting information
about the whiskys we tried that evening.

Webmaster Note:  This section hasn't been updated in quite a while...  the group is actually still functioning pretty well - at least much better than my updating activities lately...  DrE 

The Listing of "Official" MASS Gatherings

Scotch Party XV - 8/11/01 - Portland, Maine

Scotch Party XIV - 6/2/01 - Kennebunkport, Maine

Scotch Party XIII - ?????

Scotch Party XII - 5/25/2000 - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Scotch Party XI - ?????

Scotch Party X - 8/7/99 - South Portland, Maine

Scotch Party IX - 4/10/99 - Scarboro, Maine

Scotch Party VIII - 1/23/99 - Falmouth, Maine

Scotch Party VII - 9/19/98 - Portland, Maine

Scotch Party VI - 6/6/98 - South Portland, Maine

Scotch Party V - 1/10/98 - Biddeford, Maine

Scotch Party IV

Scotch Party III - 9/28/96 - Old Port / Portland, Maine

Scotch Party II - 6/28/96 - Old Port / Portland, Maine

Scotch Party I - 5/2/96 - Old Port / Portland, Maine


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Last Updated on 8/1/01