Doctor Entropy's Domain Babysitting Project

Objectives and Goals:  This project was developed as a good-natured vehicle to potentially secure access to a range of new, interesting single malt whiskies for evaluation by the core PLOWED community.   A secondary objective was to secure and prevent these URLs from misuse by folks more interested in leveraging them back to the distilleries for financial gain.  Our interests here are strictly focused on the malts and obtaining samples of these drams as they mature in Bond, since we otherwise won't be able to obtain samples for probably a decade or so and few of us have that level of patience.  Details of our vision follow and are expanded on each of the domain pages linked below.

 I started this project in August 2002 after I discovered that the URL was still available.  Since that time I've searching out and registering available whisky-related domain names for distilleries and bottlings that PLOWED is particularly interested in.  My plans are to target areas of single malt whisky where we can perhaps barter with the distilleries for a good-faith trade of an appropriate amount of single malt whisky in return for the domains we've been tending for them.  At some point I assume the parent distilleries will come to their senses and realize they need to control these URLs and we'll gladly turn them over at that time.

PLOWED is specifically interested in securing a "subscription" comprised of obtaining representative samples of these malts as they mature.  After all - the distilleries have millions of liters of this precious liquid in bond and all PLOWED wants is a wee bit of the best to track the distilleries' good work for our efforts here (and perhaps some samples from other extraordinary casks.)   Let's discuss this over a wee dram or two when you folks decide you're ready to assume management of these domains - preferably the next time the PLOWED contingent visits Scotland for another FOAFing pildrammage.

All samples received as compensation for this project will be shared at the annual Ardbeggeddon tastings in Las Vegas with the PLOWEDsters in attendance so this could also be considered a focused outreach to the US malt whisky fanatic as well.  This isn't about us... it's completely about the malt whisky and since we share your love of the malt we only want to join you in exploring these new frontiers and prepare the US for their eventual importation for retail sale.  Think of us as your tenant farmers who are merely tending and tilling the US fields for the sowing that will follow in a decade or so.

Disclaimer:  In keeping with typical PLOWED behavior, this project was completely conceived and executed by me without any consultation with the larger PLOWED community.  

I'm simply following the PLOWED charter directive best expressed by FX as: 

PLOWED - All Ringleaders, No Minions!

and of course


 Here are the domains I'm currently babysitting for PLOWED:
too bad about tho (a redirection engine for many extreme porn sites...) 
(not sure what I'll do with this one...  I have BIG plans but for now it simply links to my FOAFing pages on this website.  Stay tuned!)

Last update on 10/20/02