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When I found this URL free in August 2002 I was again totally surprised.  After about a minute consideration I decided to pick it up and add it to the PLOWED communal domain babysitting project.  We have absolutely no intention of either using this domain maliciously or for leverage for financial gain.  We're merely self-appointed  babysitters of this domain until the folks at Springbank decide they'd like to take possession of it.   At that point PLOWED will gladly turn it over and trust that J & A Mitchell & Co will compensate us appropriately for our time and efforts to bring it in off the street and "babysit" their domain during their period of inattention.

As for "appropriate" compensation PLOWED is of course be interested in obtaining a representative series of Glengyle samples as they mature in Bond over the years.  Some rare samples of old Springbank will also be well received.  These will be sampled and evaluated at the annual Ardbeggeddon gatherings in Las Vegas.

Glengyle was a Campbeltown distillery owned by William Mitchell and Company that was built in 1873 and operated until 1925 when it was closed and the distillery stocks auctioned off.  Springbank recently announced plans to rebuild this distillery in the original building, which had not been significantly altered over the years.  My understanding is that the stills had been removed and that used stills from another closed distillery are going to be installed.  We got this photograph of the spirit safe that we were told they planned to use at Glengyle when PLOWED visited Springbank in late May 2002 to "visit the children"...


Here's a link to the history of the Glengyle distillery by Doug Stone

Here's some material I googled up off the web recently to kick off this page...


"Recent developments are very good news, a third Campbeltown distillery will be opening. J & A Mitchell & Co., the owners of Springbank have purchased the former Glengyle distillery which closed in 1925. It seems the distillery has been kept fairly well intact over the years. In 1957 there were plans to refurbish the distillery that never came to fruition. Since then the buildings have been used by an agricultural firm.

J & A Mitchell plan to completely refurbish Glengyle and begin producing by 2004. Don't look for a bottle on local shelves for at least another ten years after that. It is something to look forward to however, and very encouraging that Campbeltown is seeing a resurgence."


J & A Mitchell & Co Ltd. confirm re-opening date for old Campbeltown distillery 

"Glengyle, the old Campbeltown distillery recently purchased by J & A Mitchell & Co Ltd. is scheduled to start producing whisky by March 2003. 

The distillery originally operated between 1873 and 1925 during Campbeltown's heyday when there were no fewer than 34 distilleries established in the town. Back then, Campbeltown was known as "Whisky Capital of the World". 

There are only two distilleries producing in Campbeltown at the moment : Springbank and Glen Scotia. Glengyle will bring the total to three, reinforcing Campbeltown's status as a centre of whisky production. The Scotch Whisky Association dropped Campbeltown from its classification of the Scotch whisky-producing regions in 1994. As a region which will produce five distinctive single malts (Springbank, Longrow, Hazelburn, Glen Scotia and Glengyle) who can now question its right to be on the whisky map? "

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