FOAFing - To FOAF (also FoaFing - to FoaF)

FOAFing is a term developed by PLOWEDsters over the past couple of years that has a wide range of inferred meaning.  FoaF is an acronym for Friend of a Friend and the nickname of one of the PLOWEDsters from LA.  FoaF is one of the more intense malt collectors in PLOWED and is expert in finding rare single malts to augment his collection.  Hence the term FOAFing or to FOAF has developed to describe the practice of searching through liquor stores to find rare gems, especially at excellent prices, and buying them before anyone else does.   We then let our friends in malt know about our good luck FOAFing bottles of rare whisky that most will probably never own - while we usually share some with them...

We recently rehashed the origin of the term via email - here's a link to the full story of the "origin of FOAFing"

The use of this term has recently begun to be applied to the search and acquisition of almost any rare item - wine, cars, antiques, etc.  Look for this PLOWED term to be added to a dictionary near you soon.  I use the all caps FOAF spelling while others prefer the original FoaF version - either works...

FOAF - the other 4-letter "F word"

Classic FOAFing Quotes

  1. FOAF or be FOAFed

  2. He who FOAFs first FOAFs best

  3. He who hesitates is FOAFed

  4. Born to FOAF

  5. FOAFing the FOAFing FoaF

  6. Half a FOAF is better than none

  7. Preemptive FOAFing

  8. Meister-FOAF (FOAF Meister)

  9. Drive-by FOAFing

  10. Better to have FOAFed and lost than never to have FOAFed at all

  11. EuroFOAFing

  12. FOAF by proxy

  13. FOAF on!

  14. The infamous Greek Deli FOAF (ask FX about this one... aka the Host FOAF)

  15. I came, I saw, I FOAFed (Veni Vedi FOAFi)

  16. A FOAF in the hand is worth two on the shelf

  17. FOAF while the FOAFing's good

  18. FOAF, and the world FOAFs with you

  19. The FOAF that got away

  20. Curses, I've been FOAFed!

  21. You've been FOAFed!

  22. UnFOAFingbelievable!

  23. Philanthropic FOAF (generous gift FOAFing for others)

  24. a MOK FOAF (S'tan is a dangerous FOAFer)

  25. Abandon all hope ye who FOAF here (a warning about The Liquor Castle in Beverly Hills)

  26. I'm completely FOAFed out

  27. Bi-coastal FOAFing

  28. A Miracle FOAF

  29. The Breakup FOAF (the malt shopping binge that often follows the disintegration of a relationship)

  30. The FOAFing Breakup (the disintegration of a relationship due to malt shopping binges)

And so forth...  I know there are many more we've missed here so please email your contributions to the FOAFMeister @ and we'll add them to this page.


Last Updated on 10/31/02