The Origin of FOAFing

Here is an email thread from July 2002 where we documented the Origin of FOAFing on the Yahoo SingleMaltScotchWhisky Group.  In typical PLOWED style we pissed off some of the group subscribers who couldn't give a damn about the "Origin of FOAFing"...  Oh well, as usual, the only excuse we could offer was:

Proud to be PLOWED!

This thread began with a question from a new member about the concept of FOAFing that seems to spring up pretty regularly on the board.  A trip to this site didn't really clear matters up much since I had (still have) the story screwed up, so we fired up a thread to reconstruct the origins and uses of this ever-versatile term:


From:  doctor_entropy
Date:  Tue Jul 16, 2002  8:05 pm
Subject:  [Single Malt Scotch Whisky] Re: Newbie, haven't been active until now, AND....

Hi Jay, usigeTOM, Ken, all...

What with all the lawsuits and depositions being collected these
days, my attorney has recommended I confess that I've misrepresented
the history of FOAF somewhat on my website - like much of the
information on the internet! yes, I really DO make stuff up

I was discussing the evolution of FOAF with Bushido at the Claggan
about 6 weeks ago and he reminded me that the term FOAF actually
originated from a fairly heated pejorative exchange... it's come a
long way since then!

I need to update the description to reflect this twisted evolutionary

...back with the whole story as soon as I get fired up and in the
proper tuning to channel this tale...

ardBEG! DrE


From: "doctor_entropy" 
Date: Wed Jul 17, 2002 6:49 am
Subject: FOAF

Ok, here's my current version of the origin of the term/concept of 
FOAF (FOAFing)... as updated by Bushido's recollection of this event

As noted in my currently published version, FoaF is one of the core 
PLOWEDsters from the City of Angels with a rep for finding (and 
sharing) RTE (Rare, Threatened and Endangered) malt whiskies. The 
scene is Ardbeggeddon 1 in January 2000 in Las Vegas. Most of us had 
flown into the city but the LA contingent mostly drove over so they 
had wheels. In 2000, the Las Vegas liquor stores had yet to be 
ransacked and held an amazing assortment of rare malts, especially 
some of the older bottlings of Springbank. Naturally there was a 
movement on the second day or so to go out to see what the city might 
offer malt-wise and FoaF offered to drive us around the city, but 
there were more folks interested in shopping than he had carspace 
for. "Not to worry" we were told, "we'll do a second trip later in 
the afternoon to make sure everyone has a shot at this." Ok, we were 
placated and returned to Drammage Headquarters for early afternoon 
entertainment. A few hours later the contingent returned with 
stories of abundant RTE stocks and many prize drams to tease us 
with. We waited for the second run but FoaF didn't show back up and 
we assumed he crashed for a nap or got otherwise lost in the "other" 
LV attractions. Yeah, right...

A few hours after that I believe a group of the PLOWEDsters were 
going down to eat (Mr Lucky's? The Pink Taco?) and as the elevator 
stopped on the main floor of the Hard Rock, they ran into FoaF 
entering the elevator - struggling with boxes of recently purchased 
malt whisky. The immediate responses reportedly were: "Damn you 
FoaF!" and of course "We've been FoaFed!". He mumbled some lame 
explanatory response and continued up into the towers, while the 
miffed PLOWEDsters continued to the restaurant to eat and rant... 
The emotional level of this event naturally tempered over the next 
few days, more malt raids were executed and most folks left LV with 
new gems for their collection. We were also laughing about the 
incident by the end of A1 and in typical PLOWED fashion, had mutated 
the event into a new concept - FOAFing. Hence the underlying 
foundation of stealth and sneakery that still defines FOAFing.

FoaF - of course, we forgive you in compliance with the guidance 
offered by the Ord's Prayer on this topic -"Forgive us our FOAFs, as 
we forgive those who FOAF against us..."

Hope this "clears" things up a bit re: FOAFing... If anyone has any 
corrections to this "fuzzy recollection" please let me know - the 
truth is pretty mutable in the PLOWED universe.

Slainte! DrE 


From: uisgetom 
Date: Wed Jul 17, 2002 10:50 am
Subject: The origin of "FoaFing"

Essentially correct Tim, but let me give you my slant on it.

Warp back to 8 January, 2000. I've just arrived in Las Vegas. I'm 
suffering from a terrible head cold (but Ardbeggeddon was not to be 
missed by a simple malady). The taxi drops me off in front of the 
Hard Rock, and as I'm walking in through the entryway, I'm greeted by 
Dave (not yet SIR Dave, that comes later in the day) and Bushido. 
They tell me that they are just leaving on a raping and pillaging 
mission to the local liquor stores. I plead with them to wait 10 
minutes so I can check in and drop off my stuff in the room, but 
alas, I'm told that the car is filled to capacity with looters. Just 
then FoaF shows up (I had not met him until then). FoaF is very
apologetic and tells me he'll take a second run later on, and I can 
go then.

I get settled into the infamous room 541 (which was basically Dram 
Central for A1).

After a couple of hours of dramming with the other lads not out 
shopping, the gang shows back at the hotel laden with loot. FoaF 
tells me he needs some food and whisky first before going back out. 
A couple of hours later, between my head cold, antihistamines and 
much malt, I'm in no mood to go out so the partying continues on 
untilo around midnight (which for me in my weakened state is really 
3AM, cuz I'm an East Coaster), so I kick the party out so I can get 
some much needed rest. This is when the Loco Barley incident 
happens - read Matt's take on it in the "Fuzzy Recollections" section 
on the PLOWED site.

The next morning (Sunday, 9 Jan.) I'm heading down for breakfast 
around 10 AM and I run into the good Doctor in the elevator lobby. 
We go for some eats and then by 11 AM we're back in room 541 working 
on our first drams, the sherried Longrow (which was a novelty then - 
it had only been available for around 6 months in the US and in 
extremely limited quantities).

Tim and I were soon joined by other Ardbeggeddoneers (and you thought 
only "bookkeeper" was the only word in the English language with 3 
sets of double letters) - let me note, repeated calls to Tim/Dave's 
room went unanswered, and visits revealed an unconscious body 
sprawled out on Dave's bed - many, many drams were consumed through 
the course of that afternoon. I forgot to rag on FoaF to take me 
around that afternoon. Foaf excused himself, perhaps around 4 PM, 
saying that he had to load his car as he and FoaFoaF needed to drive 
back to LA that evening. Around 6 or so, after having been dramming 
for 7 hours straight, several of us (I distinctly remember Marty was 
with the group - he can verify this) head downstairs to get some 
food. As the elevator opens in front of us, out struggles FoaF with 
two cases of malt - freshly purchased. He's heading to Marty's room
with it, cuz he doesn't want FoaFoaF to know that he's just dropped 
another $1000 or so on whisky, and he wants Marty to take the stuff 
back to LA with him (more stealth and deceit - this time with his 
other half!) I have to take credit here where credit is due, having 
been the first person in history to utter the infamous words, "I've 
been FoaFed!"


From: blackkeno 
Date: Wed Jul 17, 2002 2:35 pm
Subject: Re: The origin of "FoaFing"

Although I was at A1 longer than anyone else (actually refusing to 
leave and remaining in Vegas to wait for A2 & A3...)I was not 
involved with the original circumstances just related that resulted 
in use of the word "FoaF." As a result, I had my own (fundamentally 
incorrect) notion of its meaning. Even though it has nothing to do 
with how it originated, it's kind of nice and applicable so I thought 
I would share it:

One of the best aspects of FoaFing is sharing. Sharing the fruits of 
FoaFing and sharing where to Foaf (after FoaFing for oneself). FoaF 
of course stands for "friend of a friend". I have tried most of the 
best drams I've tasted at the hands of a friend of a friend (who is 
generally now a friend). Many of us inquire before traveling where 
we can FoaF a particular trip. Again, the best locations usually 
become known through a friend of friend...

What luck that FoaF chose his handle so well...


From: glengyle_fx 
Date: Wed Jul 17, 2002 2:57 pm
Subject: Re: The origin of "FoaFing"

Well, actually he didn't choose it. It came about during a Malts 
Advocate tasting here in Los Angeles at the Century City Hotel.

I was there and ran into Marty and Dwight. They were waiting for a 
guy known only to them by the tie he'd be wearing. (IT was yellow, 

Anyway, a picture was taken after the event and Tom was ID'ed on the 
picture as a "friend of a friend". This name stuck and eventually 
shortened to Foaf.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it.



From: real_foaf_91362 
Date: Wed Jul 17, 2002 3:17 pm
Subject: Re: The origin of "FoaFing"

Yes Frank, and yes Tom, your stories are correct.

I decided to pick "FoaF" after Matt had posted 'friend of a friend' 
next to a picture of me with Dwight, John Hansell, MOK, and IB (see 
original here: 
Yup. When I stopped by Marty's a week or so later, he showed the pic 
to me on the PLOWED site, and encouraged me to get more involved 
(S'tanic influence). I took a "might as well join them" approach and 
claimed the title that was actually already bestowed upon me 
(inadvertently) by Matt. Thanks Matt! The world owes you 

Tom, what can I say. It's all true, just as you've described it. I 
indeed left to pack the car, and after loading the bags and stroller 
(remember, I had a 1 y.o. DoFoaF, FoaFoaF, and NoDoFoaF with me), I 
looked at my meager foafings (only 6 bottles at that point). 
Realizing I had only about 1 hour to blitz-foaf the remaining Pumps, 
I didn't make it back to the room, didn't initiate another group 
pillaging, didn't even consider the long-term ramifications of my 
actions; I simply closed the trunk and headed for the E. Sahara store.

As it turned out, the foafing grounds were rich, and several 
Dailuaines, old Springers, and other dumpy Cadenheads found their way 
into the back seat of the car. Knowing that these recent additions 
would be spotted by FoaFoaF (and potentially returned to their place 
of purchase), I hatched a plan to have MOK ferry them back to 1000 
Malts for some surruptitious squirrelling at a later date. 
(Accomplished by having MOK & pals over for a wee dram, and leaving a 
few bottles behind...).

As luck/fate would have it, I didn't make it over to Marty's room 
undetected. The elevator opened, Tom uttered "I've been FoaF'd", 
Mark commented on the cask-strength Dailuaine amongst the loot, and 
the rest is history. Marty hopped out of the elevator to help me 
with my new burden, and the doors closed on a host of surprised 
Ardbeggeddoneers. Part of the magic of the event I suppose... ;-)

That's it for me. I guess I'll be a FoaF for a long time to come. 
Look for future pillaging reports from the land of the rising sun- 
it's virgin territory... Heh, heh, heh... :-o



From: djrussobik 
Date: Wed Jul 17, 2002 3:28 pm
Subject: Re: The origin of "FoaFing"

WRT the previous posts, it just goes to show that the truth is "out 
there" (REALLY OUT THERE) when it comes to PLOWED.

FYI, the first shopping carload at went out A1 was REALLY CROWDED -- 
I just about sat on Craig Daniel's lap! Compression forces basically 
ejected me from the car every time we opened the door! So at least 
the premise that the car was "full" on the first run was completely 
true! ;)

I am still holding out hope that the word "FoaF" (both the verb and 
noun forms) will eventually make it into the standard English 
voabulary. We should have a party to celebrate the first dictionary 
that lists it! :) I am thinking of printing up T-shirts that say:

"Ask me about FoaFing" and/or "What is Foafing?"

in large letters on the front and back!




From: uisgetom 
Date: Wed Jul 17, 2002 4:25 pm
Subject: Re: The origin of "FoaFing"

I forgot to say that at A1, the following day, (Monday) Marty took a 
carload of us out looting what was left. Marty, Dave (he had 
recovered by then), Bushido, Mark, Craig and myself all crammed into 
the S'tanmobile (Marty, shouldn't you get it painted red or black? 
White is too "holy" for your wheels!)

I wound up with half a dozen bottles. Memorable moments included 
Mark snagging a B&W label 15 YO Springbank from under Dave's nose, 
and Dave and Bushido cleaning out the city's entire supply of Bush 
Pilot before Blackkeno could get to them!

Foaf or be Foafed! ;-)



From: "doctor_entropy" 
Date: Wed Jul 17, 2002 9:26 pm
Subject: Re: The origin of "FoaFing"

Well done all, I was just reading today's FOAFing thread to Sister 
Haggis and observed that I "sort of" had the story right... She 
noted she wasn't surprised - correctly surmising that there probably 
wasn't much clarity during the entire 4-day gathering. ...and then 
there is the ever creeping drain brammage... The coronation of Sir 
Dave of the Local Barley was certainly one of the highlights of that 

Proud to be PLOWED! you folks rock... less than 6 months before we 
get a chance to do it all again.

slainte! DrE

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