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OSFX Offers the History of the Ardbeggeddon Celebration
January 9, 2003

Ardbeggeddon- A New Year Celebration in Las Vegas

Ardbeggeddon (derived from some late night, paradigm shifiting thinking induced by many drams shared between S'tan and Foaf, and meaning: To gather from all points and converge for the expressed intention of intense drammage and intellectual mayhem.)

The Malt Whisky New Year is celebrated in a very, very (very...let's be honest - an over the top) exuberant fashion every year in early January and then continues. Year round.

Celebrations start in the early morning with a skalk and reach a crescendo by
midnight when everyone takes B1 and has another dram amidst much jubilation and cheer.

For centuries - or at least the three previous years - fire ceremonies -- torch light processions, fireball swinging, and lighting of New Year fires – played an important part in the Ardbeggeddon celebrations. The hotel management usually complained, so this activity has been discontinued. The singing of whale song has now replaced them. The flame and fire symbolized many things, but mainly - Weedram.

Arbeggeddon's roots reach back to the ancient practice of malted barley and yeast worship in the depths of mid-Winter. This evolved into the ancient Library Gatherings, a great California
year round festival, where people celebrated completely free of restraint and inhibition. The Ringleaders also celebrated Malt Yule in Boston, Maine and New York which became the "Daft Days” or "The Time of Liver Punishment" as they became known.

The customs have continued to evolve to the modern day and have expanded with the rituals of Lipping the Local Barley and other forms of Nectar. It is only in recent years that Ardbeggeddon has been celebrated on a very large scale: the first event of its kind was at "The Summit in
Sin City" in 2000 A.D. when West Coast and East Coast converged for The Millennium. All who attended were deemed Ultimate Spirit Receivers.

Las Vegas' Argbeggeddon festival was so successful that it spawned similar events throughout the USA . These include the WHDJ and FoaF Arm's events. Other excuses for communion were quickly agreed upon.

Praise the Ord.


Well done as usual FX - I see you're in fine shape for extending the PLOWED mythology into new fertile realms - I've decided to pack a second bottle of 250 mg B-1 as an emergency backup.  

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Last update on 1/20/03