Las Vegas, Nevada

The PLOWED Society is an informal group of single malt scotch whisky fanatics located across the US who are "proud to be PLOWED".  We primarily met through the internet on the "official" PLOWED site located at  (as an upfront disclaimer...  we have absolutely NOTHING to do with - a redirection engine for a series of gay porn websites...  I was wondering why the founders selected "" as their URL until we checked recently.  YIKES!)  

Here is a link to a description of PLOWED from that sheds a bit of light on the origin of this group (with minor edits/clarifications of course)...

In 2000 we decided that we had tortured each other enough with the malt treasures we had individually collected in our travels and determined it was time to actually meet in person.  Fitting for such an austere group, our first annual clan gathering was held in Las Vegas in January 2000. was awesome, breathtaking, and humbling all at the same time...  

I decided to become the Maine Chapter PLOWED Representative following this gathering and my life has been basically "plowed" ever since...  The PLOWED website has some material from this inaugural event and I have photos I'll post on the links below if and  when I ever get them scanned.  We now use digital cameras which has simplified documenting this insanity tremendously...

Here are links to each of these annual debaucheries (the 2000 postings are gone and need to be rebuilt...  I somehow nuked them while updating the site and overwrote the backup...)

Links to some of the cutting edge creative output from past PLOWED gatherings:

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