A/V - Henderson, NV


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The first contingent of 
Ringleaders unpack their 
FX, Slur Dave and Bushido
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Manny and Mark join the
kickoff dramming at the
bar (while the drams can still 
fit on the bar)
Ahh, it's Ardbeggeddon so it's
time for Slur Dave to kickoff
the PLOWED ritual of 
lipping the Local Barley... 
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152-5254_IMG 152-5255_IMG 152-5256_IMG
Doug, the VP llipping - we 
actually saw more of the VP
than usual - Matt is obviously
the bad influence here
Usigetom pontificating about
Ardbeg (or some other 
obscure totpc)
152-5257_IMG 152-5258_IMG 152-5259_IMG
Garlic flavored macadamia nuts 
direct from Hawaii - Manny 
saved us until groceries arrived
The kitchen and the 4-day buffet
152-5260_IMG 152-5261_IMG 152-5262_IMG
S'tan - PLOWED's dark mentor
 with a very rare bottle of 
10 yo Ardbeg.

totally evil

152-5263_IMG 152-5264_IMG 152-5265_IMG
FX unveils altar for A/V
Check out the eyes!
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Peter arrives and immediately
begins lipping
One of our visitors being 
initiated into the PLOWED 
 lipping ritual.  He lives in Las
Vegas so he didn't seem to 
think this was extreme at all
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The contributions expand from 
bar to the pool table.  
S'tan demonstrating his evil 
mouth-vatting technique

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